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Effective Date: September 19th, 2019

As a user of this website, you understand that this website is owned and operated by "The Wizard of Wild", a sole-proprietorship based in Clark County, Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Throughout this Terms & Privacy statement ,and this website, we may also refer to "The Wizard of Wild" as: we, us, our, or webmaster.

Updates - We may occasionally update this Statement. When we do, we will update the "Effective Date" at the top of this Statement. You agree, as a user of this Site, it is your responsibility to check for any updates to this Statement when you use this Site.

Agreement - By using this Site, you are agreeing to the terms in this Statement.  If you do not agree to the terms in this Statement, please do not use this site.

Age Requirement: You must be at least 14 years of age to use the forum.

Topics: All postings should be related to some aspect of primitive living or wilderness survial.

Prohibited Postings: Any unlawful posting is prohibited on this site. Any postings or content that violates plagiarism or copyright laws are prohibited on this site. Postings slandering or defaming other individuals, businesses, nationalities, race, etc. are prohibited on this site. Offensive, indecent or objectionable material is prohibited on this site. The use of automated systems (ex. bots), or software that automates the posting (ex. software programmed to make periodic posts), is prohibited.

Personal Use, with an Exception: Postings should be for personal use only, with the exception of authors of books or guides related somewhat to primitive living or wilderness survival, looking to promote their book(s) or guide(s), can post promotional content, as long as the posting(s) includes some informative material for the reader, and is not solely an advertisement.

Wild Edible Plants & Mushrooms - Be aware, the author of a posting, may or may not be competent in accurately describing a plant or may not be knowledgeable with all the risks associated with contact or consumption of a plant. Even if the information in the posting is accurate, you should not rely solely on this website when it comes to identifying and consuming wild edibles plants and mushrooms. Always obtain information from several different sources when identifying and consuming wild edible plants and mushrooms.

Personal Information: For your safety, it is recommended you do not post any personal information about you, or your whereabouts, on this website.

Why we ask for an Email Address: When you create a posting, you are asked to enter your email address in a text-box on the 'Create a Posting' page. Your email address will not show in the posting. Your email address is required in case there are any issues with a posting you submitted.

Daily Posting Limit: Please limit your postings to no more than three per day.

  Right to Delete - By using this website, you agree that we have the right to delete any posting(s) at our discretion.  We are not responsible for any failure or delay in removing any content.  You also agree we do not need to provide any notice or reason for deleting particular postings or groups of postings.

Editing Listings - We do not edit any listings, so please do not ask us to. Make sure your spelling and content is correct, before you submit your posting.

Privacy: You agree we have the right to record any information about the service and equipment you use when you access this website and you give us permission to use that information in any manner we deem necessary to protect this website and/or its owner.

Responsibility: As a user of this site, you agree that you, not us, are entirely responsible for all of your content that you distribute, perform, display, upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available on or through this website, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted.

Use at your own risk - You agree to use this website at your own risk. You agree, as a user of this site, to hold harmless this website, and its owner, for any and all actions caused by this website. You agree that we are not liable for any content that is posted by you, or others.  You agree we have no duty to pre-screen your content or the content of others. You understand comments posted by others on this site, are not necessarily the opinions of the webmaster. You understand and acknowledge that by using this website, you may be exposed to content that may be offensive, indecent or objectionable.  

Titles and Subtitles - It is agreed that the titles and subtitles in this Statement are merely for ease of reading and do not provide any limitation for the content expressed in the paragraphs.

Legal Jurisdiction –  You agree that any violations or disputes arising from this Statement shall be governed by, and settled under the courts and jurisdiction of Clark Couty, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

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